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What Customers Say About AirNet

We take a great deal of pride in our reputation. When customers say good things about you, it is very humbling. We have omitted last names, at the request of our customers.

[Note: I shorted the original emails, but retained the content.. Additional emails to be added.. ]

[Dale was one of our very first customers, he moved. But if after 3 years, he's still happy with us, that says a lot!]

Dale S., 12/13

The best internet server in Waco is Airnet. Why, customer service. Jack Ferguson (the owner) works all hours to ensure his service is available to his customers. When my internet went down, I've text-ed him day time, night time, any time and he was on the spot fixing the problem. In business, "stuff" happens, it's how the business handles the "stuff" is what makes or breaks a company. I'm 73 years old and this is the best customer service company I've dealt with. Kudos Jack, your what an business guy is all about.

Rebecca L., China Spring, TX.

"I have debated myself for 6 months whether to switch from Hughsnet to Air Net. I knew I wasn't getting what I paid for. My son also had wireless through Verizon and the fee he was paying was outrageous. With Hughsnet and Verizon we were paying a bit more than $140 a month. Sometimes even more because my son's plan was a usage based plan. The highest bill he paid through Verizon was $250.00 on a $56.00/month plan. Needless to say, after that bill, I called Air Net.

Your installers were great. Very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They were unable to get the correct signal for the 7meg from where it was mounted, after they got it hooked up, but did not leave me without access. They got a 1.5meg signal and would come back the next morning to put it on a pole on the roof. NOT a problem. I had 1.5meg with Hughsnet and Air Net is faster than Hughsnet's 1.5meg by far. I was amazed with the 1.5meg. I am totally blown away with your 7meg., it's blazing fast. I have yet to be sitting and waiting for a page to load. Not only are you faster, but you are cheaper and so far, more reliable. It's rained the past couple of days & I haven't been disconnected or had my browser crash.

We've had the 7megs since the 4th of January and are totally satisfied. I'm horrible with names and it's no reflection on your staff. The girl in the office is an absolute delight to speak to. She's very friendly and it's a pleasure to call a business and not have to press 1, 2, or 3, or to try and decipher a foreign accent. I look forward to a very long relationship with Air Net. You people ROCK and I will be telling everyone about your service. I keep watching your website for your latest news on coverage areas. My brother lives out on lake Whitney near Walling Bend. I have told my sister in law about having Air Net. She is hoping they will be able to get Air Net out there soon.
Wayne L., China Spring, TX.

"We live in the Hills of Childress Creek and the internet service out here is limited to the normal rural options. We had dial up, I know, archaic. Anyway, we decided to upgrade and began talking with friends of ours who had Centex (at the time) now Skybeam. You know how that transition has gone and thankfully we did not go that direction. I happened across Air Net on the web and coincidentally got a door hangar card the same week. I emailed Jack and expressed my concern with a WISP in the area considering the path that Centex took. Jack assured me that Air Net was different and would not be that way. We exchange a few emails and we decided to give it a go.

We are currently on the 5mb plan and have had no significant downtime at all. As a matter of fact, the only issues we have had were literally resolved within minutes of notifying Jack by email. That's right, minutes, not days, not weeks. The customer service that we receive from Jack and his staff is unbelievable. They do what they say they are going to do, and even more. As with all service provider businesses there will be hiccups, how they handle them is what determines their success. I guess what I am trying to explain is that Air Net LLC is not your typical fly by night WISP. If they were, Jack and his staff would not have set up shop locally by putting an office in China Spring. They are here to stay, and we will be customers as long as they are still in business..."
Dale S., China Spring, TX

"To whom it my concern: I was a customer of Skybeam for two years. Their service was bad to and the customer service was even worse. Same lame excuses, don't fix the problem.

When Air Net came online, I was happy that competition had come to town so I gave them a try. Now don't get me wrong, everything has not been good. But, Jack Ferguson fixed everything to make it good. Never an excuse, will work the problem until it's not a problem. He encourages customer interface good or bad and will do everything he can to keep you up and running. In business, "stuff happens", it's how you handle the "stuff" that makes a business. I would recommend Air Net to anyone looking for an ISP in Air Net coverage. The company is truly professional..."


While it does sound a bit of a cliché, it is just good old fashioned smart business! Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.
It is a philosophy that has served the owner extremely well in his prior successful business ventures.

Yes, this website does make reference to other companies. Whenever possible, we've provided links to those companies. Air Net, LLC is NOT responsible nor affiliated with ANY OTHER companies listed on our website. Two companies we CERTIANLY are not affiliated with are:

Sky Beam

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