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Want To Invest In AirNet?

Would you like to invest in a company that is enjoying phenomenal growth?

Air Net was formed to prove a WISP could not only deliver what it promised but could do it for a reasonable fee and still provide outstanding service it's customers!

Air Net continues to grow at a rate that most "start ups" can only dream of and we are doing it, while maintaining a very devoted customer base and we will maintain those customers by never forgetting who pays us! Air Net's growth can only be attributed to our customers. They are our greatest asset and we will protect our position with them at all costs.

Since our deployment on the CCWT in mid-July '11, we have maintained a growth curve of 100% each and every month. Not many companies can make such an impressive claim.

And the future is only brighter!

If you would like to find out more details about investing in Air Net, please contact Jack Ferguson directly.

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