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Our Pricing..Pretty Darn Reasonable!

First, let's understand what we are talking about. Here is some valuable information as many people do not even know what "1 meg" means. So, this will provide a very good explanation.



Dedicated Speed For All Customers
(This ONE THING makes Air Net the most affordable internet provider in the country. ALL OTHER internet companies only provide "speeds up to." If you can understand the difference, there is only one choice.)
NO Contracts

NO Data Caps, you just pay for the speed you need
Same Speeds Up And Down
Free Static IP (for security cameras, etc...)
Free Text Service For Network Status

Most importantly, Air Net wants YOU as our next customer!

Before you decide on a new internet provider, research their reputation. See what their customers think of their service. Ask questions like...

·        "What's the guaranteed minimal speed?"
"How do you notify customers of an outage or scheduled down times?"
"Are you registered with the BBB?"
"Are you owed by another company? Where are they based?"

Can you actually "talk" to the person "in charge" if there's a problem? Do you even know whose "in charge"?

·        Are their customers loyal or simply using the only internet company they could get?

Effective 01/01/2016 all "FIRST RESPONDERS" recieve a free upgrade to the next speed for as long as you're our customer.


Type Of Service




2 Megs


Picture Viewer

4 Megs


Typical Household

6 Megs


Serious User

8 Megs


Non-Typical Household

10 Megs


Pick Your Speed

30 Megs (up to)


Typical installation, $200 plus tax.

Our prices are very easy, $10 a meg, even numbers, sales tax not included.

Air Net's Promise To Their Customers
We will do everything we possibly can to get it right, the first time. We will respond to your service issues as quickly as we can, 98% of the time that's the next business day. If there is any network issues, we will let you know as quickly as possible and if we have work scheduled which could interfere with your service, we'll let you know! We will work to show you, you are the most important customer we have!

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